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The Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Recently I've decided to post in English. In this way I can train my skills in this language and also share some informations worldwide.
As I'm studying BSC by myself I'm going to post the summary of the Chapter 1. Take a look below:

- The Chapter 1 talks about measuring and managing in the
information age. It mentions the importance of intellectual
and the changes in the relationship with customers.

- By the first time, it presents two of the the four
somehow saying that "innovation and improvement
of products, services, and process will be generated by
reskilled people, superior information technology, and
aligned organizational procedures".

- Financial short-term measures or motivation aren't sufficient
to determine the success of failure. They are about the past
not the future.

- The BSC comes to put together financial (past) measures and
drivers of future: customer, internal-business-process, and
learn and growth perspectives.

- The BSC is more than a measurement system. It's a management
. It can be used "as the central, organized framework
for their management process".

- There are some objectives in developing BSC in companies:
1 - Clarify and gain consensus about strategy;
2 - Communicate strategy throughout the organization;
3 - Align departmental and personal goals to the strategy;
4 - Identify and align strategic initiatives;
5 - Perform periodic and systematic strategic reviews;
6 - Obtain feedback to learn about and improve strategy.

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