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The real first post

This post was published in april 26th 2007. It talks about me...

Hello everyone,
Here I am in front of the screen looking at my real first post (the former was a test). Write about what? What to expect from this blog?
I will start with me: I am Land Survey Engineer formed in the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) in "500 Anos no Grau" class - you will read often on my time in Viçosa-MG.
I was born in Minas Gerais State, support Cruzeiro soccer team, I’m from Ipatinga, land of Usiminas (which should change its command during the first half of 2008).
My main hobby is reading. I focus on magazines Veja, Exame and Você SA and the books of the FGV Management (MBA in Business Management), a course I take - RJ in Macaé, where I live today. In addition to this list
I read other books, the latest was last month: "Against the gods - The fascinating story of risk". It’s a very good book... The next must be "The 8th habit","Current Critical" and "The world is flat".
After graduated I passed by Vila Valério-ES, Florianopolis, Nova Prata-RS, Nova Roma do Sul-RS,
Cotiporã-RS, Veranópolis-RS, Sao Paulo and finally
Macaé ...

This Blog has a "mentor". It is the Professor (with capital letter) Cristovão Pereira. It was my Corporate Finance Professor and shown much more than calculations of NPV, WACC, payback and others ... Among other councils this blog has been suggested.
Actually I only needed a boost, because I was preparing to launch a blog to comment on my journey to Irvine in June (subject to other posts), but when I stopped to study a little about this "tool" I was led to this moment ( "Here I am front of the screen ... ").

I hope you enjoy and submit suggestions and criticisms.
I have some articles I wrote for the column in 500 Anos no Graus that I’ll post here too.

I cannot end this real first post without thanking
Professor Cristovão for helping.

Success gets us all.

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