sábado, 20 de setembro de 2008

Uncle Sam Saved Us

VEJA, the most important magazine in Brazil (something like Time in the US I think) brings, as we could imagine, on its cover a serie of articles about the financial crisis. What a week!
The articles talk about the way american authorities saved the world. That's it... The money Henry Paulson promised gave extra time to think and to calculate the loses.
Of course we had more money from other Central Banks but the american leading is fundamental.
They also talk about a document writing by Norman Gall, the executive director of Instituto Fernand Braudel de Economia Mundial labeled "Money, Greed, Technology". It's an interesting reading. Click here...
They have a nice way to explain to brazilian people how this crisis works. It's interesting because Time on this week US Edition says "If you're having a little trouble coping with what seems to be the complete unraveling of the world's financial system, you needn't feel bad about yourself. It's horribly confusing, not to say terrifying; even people like us, with a combined 65 years of writing about business, have never seen anything like what's going on." Click here to read all the article...
Congrats VEJA.

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