terça-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2009

Novidades na Apple 2

Alguns itens que trago do AlleyInsider:

A new version of iPhoto, which includes:
- Facial recognition technology to organize your photos by who's in them.
- Geotagging to organize photos by where they were taken. Photos taken with an iPhone will use the GPS to automatically tag them.
- Built in support for Facebook, Google Maps and Flickr.

A new version of iMovie, which includes:
- Lots of the features Apple took away in iMovie '08.
- Better editing and themes.
- New effects like stabilization and cartooning.

A new version of GarageBand, which includes:
- A new "learn to play" tool featuring an HD video instructor.
- Besides 9 bundles freebies, extra lessons from artists like Norah Jones and Sting cost $4.99 a piece.

Updates to iWork '09
- Updated Numbers, Keynote, Pages and a $.99 iPhone App
- Beta version of iWork.com, a Google Docs-like Web-based office tool (olha a "Nuvem" aqui)

Updates to iTunes
- Now there are three pricing tiers: 99 cents, 69 cents, and $1.29.
- 10 million songs without DRM by the end of the quarter

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