domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

US weren't the Olympic Champion

Now that the Olympic Games are over we do some counts over medal numbers. By the first time I can see someone else but the US at the first place: China.
It seems americans disagree with it. Almost every websites I go they consider the number of medals as the right way to count. The International Olympic Committee is the one who can solve my doubt: China is the champion!

Looking for the answer I found an article on LA Times where the journalist blame China for he mistake and one comment right under the corrects him. The reader says: "It is no surprise that Chinese media are among many worldwide who list the medal standings by gold rather than total medals... It is International Olympic Committe policy to rank the medal table according to the number of gold medals won. As a proof of this i would like to refer to the official medal table of the Athens Olympics: China came in second with 32 gold and 63 medals in total while Russia was below them in third spot with 27 gold and with 92 medals all up... Lift your game Philip.".

Still there are a lot of smart american... By the way, on Wikipedia we have a very good article that explain everything: click here. Also we can see the Athens 2004 Medal Table on IOC...

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